Journalist Report – November 27th

Sol 0 Crew Journal:

Crew 269 arrived at the Mars Desert Research Station around 1 pm Saturday, November 27th, to clear blue skies, dry dust blowing in the air, and the cool winter air nipping at their noses. The crew made quick work moving luggage and experiments into the habitat in a well-executed relay. Packages, duffle bags of various shapes, colors and sizes, and boxes full of experiments and equipment made their way up the charred black and brown front steps of the white painted habitat, through the double insulated white painted airlock doors, past the bronze Mars Society plaque, and up the steep metal steps to the second floor.
The rumbling of the furnace could be heard throughout the first floor in protest to the encroaching November air, as the crew came and went to finish unpacking. The smell of bread and assorted lunch meats flooded the second floor, as the crew took stock of their handywork and enjoyed lunch. The rustling of jackets and the thud of boots could be heard in the late afternoon, as our adventures prepared to explore the other facilities branching off the main habitat.
The smell of hot cider, the sound of typing keyboards, and the whisper of cooks in the kitchen occupied the evening, as Crew 269 settled in.

Trevor Jahn

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