Commander Report – November 28th

Sol: 1
Summary Title: Training & Initial Experiments
Author’s name: Dr. Kristine Ferrone, Commander
Mission Status: Nominal
Commander’s Report:

Crew 269 awoke this morning to another day of beautiful weather on Mars, sunny and clear. Winds picked up later in the day but remained manageable for work outside the Hab. The crew enjoyed oatmeal, homemade bread, and espresso for breakfast, then HSO recorded crew health statistics. The crew then split up to perform pre-sim experiment preparations. CDR and XO demonstrated the use of EVA tools for regolith sample collection and radiation environment measurements. Engineer deployed a set of mirror coating samples to be exposed to the light and dust environment to be collected on EVA and analyzed on a later Sol. Technology Officer performed set up operations for Project Phantom VR/AR experiment to be conducted on EVAs on future Sols. Green Hab Officer and HSO set up and tested a compact fitness kit for use on future Sols for elective crew exercise. Green Hab Officer, HSO, and Engineer trained on the use of DSLR camera and practiced taking photos around the Hab. In the afternoon, the crew completed Hab operations and rover training with Shannon and Sergii. The crew finished the evening with a dinner of chili and homemade tortillas.

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