Crew 271 Journalist Report 19-12-2022

Crew 271 Journalist Report 19-12-2022

Sol: 1

Author’s name: Helen Eifert, Crew Geologist

Title: Deconstructed Pancakes

While Crew 271 awaits the status of their final crew member, our near complete crew is settling into the Hab before the official start to our simulation. Think of it like our pre-launch protection, where astronauts are isolated to ensure their health prior to launch. Of course, this particular isolation comes with some perks. Today we explored our martian environment, found some intriguing bio signatures, sampled green beans from the GreenHab, and enjoyed some puppy pets before our official “launch.”

As a Mars Desert Research Station rookie, I am discovering the joys of dehydrated food! Our crew has already started claiming containers of their favorite fruits for extra consumption. Sergii treated the crew to fruity pancakes for lunch, but they didn’t quite hold their form. We decided to rebrand the crumbles as “deconstructed pancakes” and feel that would definitely sell at a 5-star restaurant. All and all, we look forward to the start of our mission!

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