Crew 271 Journalist Report 20-12-2022

Crew 271 Journalist Report 20-12-2022

Sol: 2

Author’s name: Helen Eifert, Crew Geologist

Title: TiraMARSu

Much like the traditional dessert dish of Cesare’s home country, Italian tiramisu, today had layers. Another day of pre-launch protection for crew 271 meant a mellow day with surges of activity. In the morning, most of our crew took to the lower deck for some exercise. Not only are we taking astronaut exercise requirements seriously, but we will need it to work off the carb-rich lady finger layers of the tiramisu we made today. Midday, we layered trainings for Alicyn’s research with decorating the upper deck for the holidays. By the end of our mission, our entire crew should be competent at external fixation of the tibia. As an added bonus, in addition to a large blow up baby Yoda and a goldilocks spread of tabletop Christmas trees, the halls are decked with tinseled tibias. In the early evening, we harvested our first crops from the GreenHab for some evening soup. Finally, our whole crew lent a hand in the creation of our tiraMARSu, a sweet treat to kick off our anticipated launch tomorrow!

We’ve got all our toes and lady fingers crossed for our final crew member to join us tomorrow! With our launch officially scheduled, our two rookies, myself included, have coffee-like jitters. With our seasoned veterans aboard, I’m confident our mission will be as easy breezy as the tiramisu’s light and fluffy cream. I hope you aren’t too tired of my tiramisu similes that I’ve been sprinkling in like the cocoa powder on top. Mars here we come!

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