EVA Report – February 25th

Crew 275 EVA Report 25Feb2023

EVA # 12

Author: Alice Chapiron, EVA Leader and Crew Scientist

Purpose of EVA: Testing the MetMet and explori0.ng the area

Start time: 9:03

End time: 11:51


09:03: Airlock closed.

09:10: Rovers Curiosity and Spirit unplugged. We then left from the Hab at 09:14.

09:16: Rovers parked near the atmospheric instruments.

09:58: Data retrieved and batteries changed for the Purple Air, LOAC, Mega-Ares, and Weather Station. The EVA crew is about to go back to the rovers to go to their target location (Kissing Camel Ridge W).

10:15: Rovers are parked at Kissing Camel Ridge, the EVA Leader pass on channel 2 in order to hear her EVA crewmates, then the EVA Crew begins to walk towards their destination for sample collection.

10:34: The EVA Crew starts drawing the area where they will take the rock samples.

10:43: The EVA Crew begins to collect samples and to do the related measurements with the MetMet.

11:04: The EVA Leader had some problems hearing the HabCom with her radio, the Crew Commander took the communications.

11:25: The EVA Crew is tidying up their material.

11:30: EVA Crew back to the Rover.

11:42: Arrival at the Hab.

11:51: End of the EVA.

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge W

Coordinates: N4249500 E518000

Participants: EVA Leader: Alice Chapiron (Crew Scientist), Jérémy Rabineau (Crew Commander), Adrien Tison (Crew Botanist), Marie Delaroche (Crew Journalist)

HabCom: Alexandre Vinas (Crew Astronomer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road until Robert’s Rock Garden then we will walk to a maximum of 400m from the rovers

Mode of travel: Driving using Curiosity and Spirit and walking

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