Sol Summary Report – February 26th

Crew 275 Sol Summary Report 26Feb2023

Sol: 14

Summary Title: Halfway through

Author’s name: Jeremy Rabineau, Commander.

Mission Status: Nominal.

Sol Activity Summary:

Here we are! Exactly halfway through our mission. Even though we decided that Sundays should be rest days, some of us found themselves busy with work-related activities. But we made sure to also take the opportunity of this day off to clean the station, play games, etc.

In the early afternoon, we were surprised when we heard people speaking Japanese on the Channel 1 of our radios. When looking at the window of the Hab, we indeed saw two pickup trucks on the road. Two days ago, while on EVA, we saw a helicopter turning around us and around the MDRS at a very low altitude. We were not aware of how close we were from the other Martian stations!

Our crew journalist and crew engineer worked hard on the mid-rotation video, and we are very happy about the result! With the weather getting better, the crew astronomer is excited to finally be able to start his observations. The crops in the GreenHab are very pleasing to see and we all look forward to the next harvests. Everything is set for this third week to be fantastic!

Look Ahead Plan:

Next week, we would like to plan 3 additional EVAs dedicated to photogrammetry in Candor Chasma. The first one would take place tomorrow (Sol 15) and would be dedicated to the mapping of the area. In the two following ones (on Sol 17 and Sol 19), the EVA crews would have to find specific checkpoints based on a 2D map or a 3D render, respectively. We are also planning to have a second geology EVA on Sol 20, to further test the MetMet instrument. We would like to take the opportunity of these different EVAs to change the batteries of the weather instruments, since they cannot last for more than two days, especially in cold weather.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Sunny, low -1°C/30°F, high 10°C/50°F.

Crew Physical Status: Optimal.

EVA: None.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA Request, Operations Report, Journalist Report, GreenHab Report, Mid-mission research report.

Support Requested: None.

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