EVA Report – April 4th

Crew 279 EVA Report 04-04-2023
EVA #02
Author: Antoine de Barquin Crew Commander
Purpose of EVA: Training EVA + communication test with crew members and with the hab.
Start time: 9:00
End time: 10:28
This EVA was also the first for the rest of the crew and was therefore also used as training. The EVA area was Marble Ritual as the day before. The objective was to learn how to correctly perform the EVA which includes several exercises such as the depressurization process, driving the rovers, radio communication and EVA end report. And on the other hand, to test different means of communication such as the designation of an object in the distance to show a direction and the language of the signs used in diving.
The crew scientist took advantage of the mobility exercises in wetsuit to deposit a dosimeter useful for his experience.
The crew finally decided to come back to the rover and start the return to the base at 10:10 am after having explored the area well. The reports were well done before entering the decompression chamber and the crew came back in time.
Destination: Marble Ritual
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 519000 E ,4250500 N
Participants: 4: Antoine (Commander) (EVA Leader), Aglaé (Journalist), Ttele (HSO), Thomas (Scientist).
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110
Mode of travel: First drive of Rover with spacesuits and accommodation with maneuver to the Marble Ritual then walk around no farther than 200 meters for communication check.

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