Journalist Report – April 4th

CREW279 – Journalist Report 04APR2023

Journalist Report : Aglaé Sacré, crew journalist
SOL2: Surviving Mars temperature

Second day on the planet Mars!
This morning, we had a breakfast based on freeze-dried fruits! A real treat!
The other half of the crew went to discover the Martian lands in very cold temperatures, it is sure, we are on Mars.

After discovering the surroundings, Thomas, our scientist, started his experiment with Be.Sure, which consists in measuring the radiation doses received, so he buried his dosimeter which will serve as a reference. Each of us also wears a passive dosimeter to be able to process all the data at the end of the experiment.

Short lunch break, today Agnès and Ioana have been busy preparing bread for us! A real success with a superb soup!

After having eaten well, our commander and our astronomer gave us a course of communication to help with the next EVA, in a first time we learned to direct ourselves with simple signals by pointing at a point and by giving its distance. We also learned some simple signals from the diving techniques.

This afternoon the experiments are fully launched, what a joy to be able to work with such a view! Agnes has started to cultivate her extremophiles, they have already found their place on the planet Mars, they are ready to take up the challenge of surviving under the environmental conditions of the red planet. Thank you to BCCM for helping with this incredible biological experiment.

After dinner, our safety and health officer proposed a little team building at the beginning of the mission in order to spend a nice moment all together! A nice evening to end this SOL 2.

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