EVA Report – April 5th

CREW 279 – Journalist Report – 05APR2023

Journalist Report – Aglaé Sacré, crew journalist
SOL 3: Mapping and radiation

This morning we had the chance to eat delicious pancakes with fruit and syrup! A real happiness to start the day!

The training ‘s EVA are over, we can get down to business. Two experiments were able to progress this morning.
The first one was our Crew scientist’s experiment. Thomas could start to take measurements of the radiation of the ground with his scintillator. With this instrument, he is looking for gamma emitting isotopes. He made a grid of points all around the base and he must go to every point and measure to complete his grid with data.

With his drone, Augustin started the mapping of the station. He was able to test two software programs to take images to see which one was best suited to the situation and the terrain. He then rendered these images in 3D via a process on another software.

After a long EVA, our 4 explorers were welcomed with a good plate of mac and cheese! A good way to refuel!

The afternoon was again reserved for personal experiments, Agnes was able to carefully select her colonies of bacteria, 6 colonies of each strain, which she put in a liquid culture medium before separating them into two groups.

The 3D printer is functional! We will be able to start printing tomorrow morning!

Unfortunately, the sun was not shining, and we could not observe it today, we cross our fingers to be able to see it soon.

In the evening each of us prepares his report to be ready to send it at 7 pm.
Ioana, our engineer, must check a series of measures for the good functioning of the station: water measurement, check of the walkie-talkies and the suits, management of the toilet…

Tonight, the kitchen team of the day will prepare a delicious omelet! After this good meal, the team will meet to share a board game all together to close the day.

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