Journalist Report – April 6th

CREW 279 – Journalist Report – 06APR2023

Journalist Report, Aglaé Sacré, crew journalist

SOL4: The drone flies!

This morning 4 members of the crew went to Kissing Camel Ridge to do a second mapping via a drone. After climbing for several minutes, they were able to enjoy a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.
During this time, the team in the base maintains constant contact with the team members outside.

After the meal, we gathered around a board game to spend some time together before starting the afternoon and the experiments.
We were able to get the images of the first mapping, the one of the station. We are very happy with the result and we can’t wait to see the next images.

Gwenaël, our astronomer, took out his camera during the EVA to capture some beautiful views and great moments!

The afternoon was rather relaxing. Due to a problem in the Science Dom, we had to put some experiments on hold. Some of us took the opportunity to relax and read a book, while others, including our engineer who is conducting an experiment on the benefits of music on astronauts’ stress, played several pieces of music on the ukulele! A great relaxing afternoon!

As every evening we submitted our reports and sent our EVA request for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, Agnes will go to deposit her bacteria so that they can live in Martian conditions!

After a good dinner, our Health and Safety Officer once again invited us to participate in a team building evening in order to end the day together in a good atmosphere!

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