Sol Summary – April 6th

Crew 279 Sol Summary Report 05-04-2023
Sol: 4
Summary Title: An interesting and explosive journey
Author’s name: Agnès Dekeyser, Crew Executive Officer
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
The whole crew woke up after a really good night of sleep and shared some pancakes and bread for breakfast. Four of them were then getting ready for their EVA with the means of drone mapping and a reportage places. First, Kissing Kamel Ridge W followed by White Rock Canyon. After a little accident with the drone which needed some repairs, the crew lost some time and had to come back without attaining second place. In the meantime, our crew astronomer made some tests with his camera and microphone, coming back with some nice pictures and videos. After small modifications, the parameters tested should be ready for the reportage.
After a good warm lunch and a small card game, the crew members were ready to continue their own experiments going from analysis of data to 3D printing or cultivation of bacteria.
At the end of the afternoon, they were disturbed by a small issue in the science dome. It seems that the solar power system got overcharged a little and the crew had to exhaust it a little bit.
Look Ahead Plan:
The crew will continue working on their own experiments by the means of several EVA’s.
Tomorrow, the crew will expose bacteria to the MDRS environmental conditions and compare the results with their analog staying inside the MDRS. They will also launch a meteorological balloon in order to take some measurements of atmospheric pressure and temperature. Finally, they will begin their reportage with the parameters tested during the previous EVA.
In the MDRS, they will analyze the data and get prepared for the next EVA’s for radioactivity measurements, drone mapping, and monitoring of the weather balloon.
Anomalies in work: Power system overloaded by power of sun. Need to be handled.
Weather: Sunny, high 11°C/52°F, low -6°C/21°F
Crew Physical Status: Nominal
EVA: See above
Reports to be filed: Journalist report, Greenhab report, Operations report, EVA report, EVA request
Support Requested: None

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