Journalist Report – April 7th

CREW 279 – Journalist Report – 07APR2023

Journalist Report : Aglaé Sacré, Crew journalist
SOL 5 : The balloon is in the air!

This morning after a good breakfast, part of the team warmed up with a little sport session to start the day. The EVA can begin.

After several days of preparation of her bacteria, Agnès was able to go and place her bacteria in the Martian environment during the EVA.
We also placed a balloon that will collect meteorological data to bring data to the experiments. We went up to North Ridge to have a view of the balloon from the station.

Back at the station, a nice plate of chili con carne was waiting for us, spicy but perfect to get our strength back! Our Health and Safety Officer even concocted some beautiful and delicious cookies for us!

This afternoon, our astronomer was able to make his first solar observations, so excited to see the results as the simulation progressed!
During this time, we enjoyed playing games and we took the challenge of the MARS puzzle present in the station.

On the program of our evening, a good couscous and especially a game night to spend an evening all together.

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