Astronomy Report – April 5th



Yesterday, the picture of the sun was just an illustration of my visual observation and my first manipulation of the musk telescope ; I put my phone’s camera in front of the viewer. Nevertheless, the settings were : f2.4 ; 1/120s ; 4,32mm ; iso 125.

Tomorrow and on Monday, I will use the ZWO camera to get the most details out of our beautiful sun.

Concerning my last images of M63, I have no data about « WCS » due to the MLC-RCOS16 failure. Thus I cannot align them properly using the procedure described in the tutorial. I will try using another technique to post-process those images.

Last night, I lunched on M 51 :

  • 15 x 300sec Lum
  • 6 X 300sec Red
  • 9 x 300sec Green
  • 12 x 300sec Blue

The number of frames is based on previous experiences of other astronomers found online.

The first frames came out perfectly but Green and Blue frames are not tracked properly I don’t know why… Do you have an idea ?

Looking at the weather, I’ll lunch again these frames tomorrow night to complete my observation

Here is my report :

Astronomy Report

Name: le Bussy Gwenaël

Crew: 279
Date: 08/04/23


Robotic Telescope Requested (choose one) MDRS-14 (MLC-RCOS16) MDRS-WF

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: /

Images submitted with this report: M51_Lum_300sec_08April2023, M51_Red_300sec_08April2023, M51_Green_300sec_08April2023, M51_Blue_300sec_08April2023.

Problems Encountered: « WCS registration failed » on Skynet + not tracked images for Green and Blue images


Solar Features Observed: /

Images submitted with this report: /

Problems Encountered: /

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