Journalist Report – April 9th

CREW 279 – Journalist Report – 09APR2023
Journalist Report: Aglaé Sacré, Crew journalist

SOL 7 : The EVA’S day
Today is Sunday, who says Sunday says rest?
Not for the Crew Ares, on the program today: 2 EVA’s.
This morning, 3 of us left for the first EVA to check the bacteria samples and the weather balloon placed two days earlier at North Ridge.
After a well-deserved break and a delicious meal, it is already time for the second EVA of the day. This time, it is a new mapping for Augustin’s experiment. It is at Condor Chasma that he collected his data today!
During this time, the team remaining in the base took the opportunity to make a big cleaning of mid-mission!
Our astronomer was able to observe the sun today, the first pictures are superb! We can’t wait to share more with you!
Five hours of EVA is tiring and makes you hungry! That’s why Aglaé, our crew journalist, welcomed the explorers with delicious almond and chocolate chip cookies.
After a well-deserved snack, the experiments could resume during the late afternoon.
Before sending our reports we were able to finish the puzzle in the Hab and proudly indicate on the back of the puzzle the name of our mission like others before us !
See you tomorrow for new adventures!

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