Journalist Report – April 9th

CREW 279 – Journalist Report – 08APR2023

Journalist Report : Aglaé Sacré, Crew Journalist
SOL 6: Report’s Day

SOL 6, the half of the simulation has arrived and thus the time of the mid-mission reports.

First, we sent a report summarizing the progress of our experiments on site. These have progressed a lot and the results are starting to come out.
We have also made a mid-mission video to present all that we have already done, we will show it to you soon!

This morning, 4 members of the team left for 4 hours of EVA to go to distant parts of Mars. Once again, a new mapping was made.
They also discovered tree fossils.

This lunch, Ioana prepared us a delicious nasi goreng! Yummy!

We wanted to take advantage of this mid-mission to thank again all our sponsors for allowing us to realize this project! We can’t wait to share our results in a few weeks!

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