Sol Summary – April 9th

Crew 279 Sol Summary Report 09-04-2023
Sol: 7
Summary Title: An adventurous Sunday
Author’s name: Agnès Dekeyser, Crew Executive Officer
Mission Status: Nominal
Sol Activity Summary:
After a difficult awakening for the whole crew and some quickly swallowed cereals, three of them were ready for their EVA. The purpose ? Checking the bacteria samples placed at the top of the North Ridge as well as collecting the data recorded by the Arduino attached to the meteorological balloon. Unfortunately for the crew, it didn’t go as planned. It seems that the balloon got hit on a rock making it impossible to inflate anymore. The Arduino was also a bit damaged leading to no data recording. Still, the bacteria were fine and will stay there for a few more days.
After a good lunch, the crew got ready for the second EVA of the day. The martionauts went to Candor Chasma to perform some drone mapping. They had the time to perform four of them before coming back to the Hab. They found beautiful landscapes as well as wild animal footprints. When they came back, they were greeted by Martians standing in front of the MDRS boundary line…
In the meantime, the rest of the crew worked on their experiments and data analysis, including taking pictures of the sun.
Look Ahead Plan:
Tomorrow, the crew will go on EVA to continue the radioactivity measurements for Thomas’ experiment. He still has to make half of the measurements planned. For the next few days, the crew will continue the experiments including 3D printing, checking bacteria samples at the North Ridge, and drone mapping of different places in the desert. All the data collected will then need to be analyzed.
Anomalies in work: nun-functional robotic observatory and the battery wires of Opportunity needs to be replaced
Weather: Sunny, high 22°C/72°F, low 4°C/40°F
Crew Physical Status: Nominal
EVA: See above
Reports to be filed: Journalist report, Greenhab report, Operations report, EVA report, EVA request
Support Requested: None

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