Astronomy Report – April 10th



Crew 279 Astronomer Report 10April2023
Dear Mr Detterline and MDRS support,

Today, I’ve also used the ZWO camera to capture the sun’s chromosphere and prominence. I think that I managed to capture more details in the sun chromosphere. However, there were no big prominences and I struggled a bit to blend the two exposures (chromosphere + prominence). Maybe I could use more time on this step.

Pictures settings :

Chromosphere : Gain=50, Exposure= 0.014, Gamma=1
Prominence : Gain= 210, Exposure=0.014, Gamma= 100
Flat : Gain=50, Exposure=0.014, Gamma=1

Concerning the green and blue frames of M51, tonight I will lunch again those to complete my observation.

I also attached a picture of my stargazing yesterday night.

Here is my report :

Astronomy Report

Name: le Bussy Gwenaël
Crew: 279
Date: 10/04/23

Robotic Telescope Requested (choose one) MDRS-14 (MLC-RCOS16) MDRS-WF

Objects to be Imaged this Evening: M51

Images submitted with this report: /

Problems Encountered: /


Solar Features Observed: Sun’s chromosphere and prominence

Images submitted with this report: Sun_23_04_10_chromosphere_and_prominence

Problems Encountered: blending exposure prominence+chromosphere
Best regards,

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