Journalist Report – April 12th

CREW 279 – Journalist report – 12APR2023

Journalist report, Aglaé Sacré, Crew Journalist

SOL 10: A busy day and a birthday

This morning, the four boys of the team left for EVA all together to discover new places so that Augustin can make a new mapping! They went to the Tharsis Montes (a little wink to the 2022 team of MARS UCLouvain who had named their team the Tharsis crew).

During this time, the girls took the opportunity to rest, work on their experiments and prepare some delicious hummus and tapenade to enjoy a good meal after 4 hours of EVA.

After this good meal, part of the team went back to EVA to discover some cavities that Augustin had observed on one of his mappings.

Tonight is a special evening, we stayed up until midnight to wish a happy birthday to our executive officer Agnès! A great time spent all together!

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