Journalist Report – April 13th

CREW279 – Journalist Report – 13 APR2023

Journalist Report, Aglaé Sacré, Crew journalist
SOL11: Happy birthday Agnès

Today is Agnes’ birthday!
This morning part of the crew left for 2 missions; the first one is to go and look for the bacteria of Agnes which stayed in the Martian environment for several days to be able to analyze them later. The second mission was to finalize the data of Thomas to have identified the radiation rate of all his maps.
We then had a call with the Mars Society Belgium to discuss our project and our experiences.
After a good meal, the team prepared a surprise for Agnes, while Thomas occupied Agnes elsewhere, we put the cakes on the table to wish her a happy birthday and enjoy a delicious dessert.
In the afternoon a second part of the team went to EVA, we came back to Candor Chasma to find the cavities that Augustin had found while doing his mapping. A superb outing in an incredible setting.
We finished our last evening of simulation all together, very tired but very happy of this incredible project. Stay tuned, tomorrow will be our last report for our last day in the station.

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