EVA Report – April 20th

Crew 280 EVA Report 20-04-2023

EVA #4

Author: Laia Ribas (GreenHab Officer) and Carla Conejo (Executive Officer & Biologist)

Purpose of EVA: This EVA allowed us to perform different tasks:
We checked the communications between the Midland radios that we brought for a larger distance between the EVA crew and the base. We also continued to familiarize ourselves with the spacesuits and communication and safety protocols during EVAs and tried a new location to drive with the rovers.
We evaluated the feasibility of navigation strategies developed by Ariadna Farrés (Scientist & HSO).
We collected some soil and rock samples to search for organic molecules for Laia Ribas’ (GreenHab Officer) CatMart project. This procedure was recorded and documented as it was an outreach activity.
For the first time, our drone was flown by Carla Conejo (XO & Biologist; TRUST Certified) and Mariona Badenas (Commander & Astronomer).

Start time: 14:09 PM

End time: 16:15 PM

Narrative: After performing 5 minutes of depressurization in the front airlock, we drove Curiosity and Perseverance rovers to Cowboy Corner to perform four main tasks: 1) test our Midland radios; 2) develop navigation strategies away from the station; 3) collect samples for the CatMart project; 4) and maneuver our small drone.

After arriving at Galileo Road, we lost communication with the base and were only able to communicate with the Hab team with our own Midland radios. With the latter, the communication between the EVA and base teams worked well during the whole time.

When reaching our destination, we parked the rovers and walked west to collect soil and rock samples for the CatMart project and test the drone. Laia Ribas (Green Hab officer), Principal investigator of the CatMart project, together with Ariadna Farres (HSO) walked into a spot located in the north of the esplanade of Cowboy Road to obtain samples for the project and get some data for the navigation project lead by Ariadana Farres. The other crew members, Mariona Badenas (Commander & Astronomer) and Carla Conejo (Executive Officer & Biologist) performed maneuvers to perform drone tests. The tests were very successful, although there was some wind. We also took beautiful pictures with Hypatia and Earth flags.

After 1 hour, we walked back to the rovers, and we drove back to the MDRS while first stopping at Pooh’s Corner. In this spot, the communication with the base was recovered. We walked to the west to continue maneuvering the drone for 15 min to finalize our EVA driving safely to the station. Before entering the Hab, we followed the 5-minutes pressurization protocol.

Destination: Cowboy Corner

Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): 519000 E, 4253000 N

EVA participants: 4: Laia Ribas (GreenHab Officer) (EVA Leader), Mariona Badenas (Commander & Astronomer), Ariadna Farrés (HSO), Carla Conejo (XO & Biologist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive on Cow Dung Road 0110

Mode of travel: Drive on Cow Dung Road 0110 to Cowboy Corner then walk around no farther than 400 meters for sampling

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