Journalist Report – April 21th

Crew 280 Journalist Report 21-04-2023

Author: Núria Jar, Crew Journalist

Hypatia I is excited about the experiments all crew members are conducting. Collaboration and sharing ideas are essential for the success of their mission, especially in an isolated and confined environment, such as in the Mars Research Desert Station (MDRS).

Last days crew members were working together and sharing their first findings, challenges and solutions to ensure the success of their experiments. In this sense, the Hab table is an important location for the crew to come together and exchange these ideas, as it serves as a central hub for discussions, brainstorming and laughing out loud.

Recently, crew members became thrilled about the experiments conducted by the Mission Specialist, Neus Sabaté. Her research is focused on technologies that will enable life on Mars, particularly those related to energy. She is conducting an experiment to develop an iron-based battery using the compounds readily available in the surroundings of the MDRS. This was one of the purposes of the last extravehicular activity (EVA): to collect some rock samples, containing iron, to evaluate its use for Martian batteries.

Meanwhile, Sabaté is testing her system with commercial iron compounds to light up an LED system to germinate and grow edible greens at the Science Dome all night long. The rest of the crew members couldn’t wait to see the system. So, they put on headlamps to walk through the base corridors and make their way to the Science Dome to check out her system. As they gathered around the tiny lights, they felt together in isolation.

Also at the Science Dome, the Crew Engineer, Cesca Cufí-Prat, is building the Blob House, a single cell amoeba-like organism with learning capabilities. She wants to study the behavior and sporulation triggering of a single-cell organism under the influence of UV and infrared radiation, which is similar to the conditions found on the surface of Mars.

Next to her, the Crew Scientist, Ariadna Farrés Basiana, is developing a Martian GPS. During the EVA she collected some data to design navigation strategies for other Hypatia crew members. She spent much time taking notes.

In the kitchen, the Crew Commander, Mariona Badenas-Agustí, used some creative cooking methods to cook some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies with dehydrated butter and eggs. They were a fantastic afternoon snack.

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