EVA Report – April 22nd

Crew 280 EVA Report 22-04-2023

EVA #6

Author: Ariadna Farrés (HSO)

The EVA had two goals:
Drone flight around the base, with the purpose of continuing training drone maneuvers and to take some nice pictures/videos of the base for outreach purposes, by Carla Conejo (XO & Biologist) and Ariadna Farrés (Scientist & HSO).
Clean the plastic debris scattered around the base during the high-wind past days; Laia Ribas (GreenHab Officer).

Start time: 10:00 AM

End time: 11:45 AM

Narrative: After performing 5 minutes of depressurization in the front airlock, the EVA team started to walk towards Marble Ritual to find a good spot to start flying the drone to take some nice pictures/videos of the base. Three flights with the drone were performed: for the first flight the crew stayed in Marble Ritual and the drone flew towards the base and back where we were able to take some nice videos and pictures from the air. During the second flight the drone followed the crew back to the base, and the third flight was around the base.

Once the crew was back to base, the crew spent approximately 30 min walking around collecting plastic and metal debris that were scattered because of the winds of the last few days. The crew collected a total of 170g plastic debris, including bridles and other plastics, and 204g of metal debris, including wires and old nails.

Before entering the Hab, we followed the 5-minutes pressurization protocol.

Destination: Around the base and no further than Marble Ritual.

Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): 518000 E, 4251000 N

EVA participants: 3: Ariadna Farrés (Scientist & HSO) (EVA Leader), Carla Conejo (XO & Biologist), Laia Ribas (GreenHab Officer).

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Walk around the base and Cow Dung Road 0110

Mode of travel: Walk around the base and no further than 500m until Marble Ritual.

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