Journalist Report – April 24th

Crew 280 Journalist Report 24-04-2023

Author: Núria Jar, Crew Journalist

The crew of Hypatia I woke up with a smile as they were thinking about the breathtaking experience of last night. They were lucky to see the Northern Lights from the Musk Observatory on Mars. They seemed like clouds on the horizon because it had rained the evening before, but they quickly realized that they were admiring a wonder of nature in the sky. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event that they will surely remember for a long time.

The day began with a successful extravehicular activity (EVA) in the morning. The Hypatia I crew members are improving their communication skills on Mars and are becoming more proficient in executing outdoor activities. Progress and growth are taking place with a new orbit around Mars for the crew of Hypatia I.

The crew members at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) are working diligently to carry out their experiments as time seems to be passing by quickly. If any of the crew members check their Fitbits, they would notice how many kilometers they have walked while in confinement at the MDRS. With only four SOLs left, they are already planning their last steps of research. Otherwise, new projects are blooming each day. Here is one very interesting thing about tomatoes.

The Crew Scientist, Ariadna Farrés-Basiana, is collaborating with St. Peter’s School in Barcelona to conduct an interesting experiment involving tomato seeds. The experiment involves planting tomato seeds in two separate small containers, which are tagged differently. One set of seeds was previously aboard the International Space Station for five weeks, while the other set was not. The goal is to observe and compare how the seeds grow in each container and study the potential effects of space travel on the seeds.

The crew of Hypatia I is starting to miss the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, but they are also becoming more adept at preparing meals with dehydrated food in the kitchen. Last night, they prepared a Spanish omelet using dehydrated potatoes and eggs, topped with cheddar cheese. Despite the ingredients being dehydrated, the omelet tasted like a snack from Earth and brought a feeling of nostalgia to the crew.

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