Sol Summary – April 27th

Crew 280 Sol Summary Report 27-04-2023

Sol: 11

Summary title: The Final Countdown: Earth is in sight

Author’s name: Mariona Badenas-Agustí, Commander.

Mission status: Nominal

Sol activity summary:

Yesterday, at the stroke of midnight, the Hypatia I crew sang “Happy Birthday” to Mariona Badenas-Agusti (Commander and Astronomer). Mariona was not expecting this surprise, so she was moved by the thoughtfulness of her fellow crew members. Today, the birthday festivities will continue at night, when the crew will cook one of Mariona’s favorite dishes from Earth: pasta with pesto, and a homemade apple crumble for dessert –a much-awaited feast on Mars.

During the day, the crew has been busy with various activities. Two EVAs took place at Robert’s Rock Garden, where different teams participated in a Martian navigation exercise, designed by Ariadna Farrés (Scientist and HSO) in collaboration with Cesca Cufí (Engineer). Back in the habitat, everyone started to pack up their experiments and equipment in preparation for their imminent return to Earth.

As the mission is coming to an end, Hypatia I look back on the past two weeks with immense pride and satisfaction. The opportunity to conduct Martian-related research in a simulation environment has been a unique experience that has taught the crew invaluable lessons, particularly about teamwork, problem-solving, and perseverance.

Upon their return to Earth, the crew will embark on their next mission: to share the results of their scientific research with the general public, and to promote STEAM vocations among the next generation. Their ultimate goal is to pass the torch to a second Hypatia crew –one that can carry on their legacy and work, both on Mars and beyond.

Look ahead plan: We will enjoy a Martian morning before flying back to the Earth after lunch. There will be no EVA tomorrow.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Sunny. Low 38F/High 66F.

Crew physical status: Nominal.

EVA: There were two EVAs to Roberts Rock Garden (see EVA Report).

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, EVA request, EVA Report, Operations Report, GreenHab Report, Journalist Report, Pictures of the Day.

Support Requested: None.

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