Bios, Photos, Mission Patch – April 30th

Crew 261 Bios, Photos, Mission Patch – 30-04-2023

JAMES BURK | Commander
Executive Director, the Mars Society
MDRS Crew 197 Executive Officer
Member of MDRS Management Team since 2011
Former Microsoft engineer & technical project manager
Favorite projects are MarsVR virtual reality experience, Marscoin cryptocurrency, and the Marspedia online encyclopedia
PADI Certified Scuba Diver
Based in Seattle, WA, USA – Married, two teenage daughters, two Havanese dogs
James loves all things space, travelling to tropical locations, American Football and Irish cuisine.

ALINE DECADI | Executive Officer + Crew Geologist
Aerospace Engineer from ESTACA
11 years experience at ESA as Ariane 6 rocket scientist / safety engineering
ZeroG Flyer
Member of the board of Directors at Association Planète Mars
Field Member during the Martian analogue missions in Oman with the Austrian Space Forum, EuroMoonMars crew member
Author of publications in space scientific journals at NewSpace and SpaceSafety
Single engine Pilot
Aline loves space exploration, outdoors and she makes a point to ride her motorbike to get to work every day.

CÉCILE RENAUD | Greenhab Officer + Crew Biologist
Master of Science in Marine Biology at Sorbonne University, France
Master in Innovation Management at AgroParisTech, France
International Space University SSP’19
PhD Student in Life Support System for future space settlements
Cecile loves outdoor activities, science, space exploration and observing the fascinating nature around us.

Electronics Engineer with a specialization in Embedded Systems
MBA, 9 years business experience in renewable energy
Moonscape co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Web and watch app developer (portfolio)
Professional pilot (frozen ATPL)
International Space University SSP’19
Julien loves science, nature, earth and space exploration, playing music and a sustainable future

ERIN KENNEDY | Crew Robotics Engineer
Robotics, 3D printing, electronics, embedded systems
Founder, Robot Missions Inc
International Space University SSP’19
Gold medal winner at RoboGames (aka the robot Olympics)
Erin loves pizza and taking her robots on field tests outdoors while observing the robots interacting with nature.

Pharmacist specializing in Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research from University of Paris
Master’s degree in pre-clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics at Paris-Saclay University
PhD student in space cardiovascular pharmacology
University’s degree in aerospace physiology and ergonomic from University of Paris
Member of ESA Pharmacology Topical Team
Audrey loves dancing lindy hop, doing yoga and meditation, and hiking outdoors. She is fascinated by the origins of life and our solar system exploration.

KRIS DAVIDSON | Crew Journalist
Collage artist working with storytelling across deep time
National Geographic photographer
Arts educator (National Geographic Society and the Academy of Art University among others)
Based near Seattle, Washington
In her artwork, Kris works with storytelling across the past, present and future; she is an avid reader (believes that books are our most enduring form of time travel). See her work at or on instagram.

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