Sol Summary – May 12th

Sol 12

Summary Title: A successful search & rescue Safety drill for our last Sol on Mars !

Author’s name: Aline Decadi, XO

Mission Status: nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Today took place our final EVA-19.

We conducted a safety drill that involved James Burk (Commander) and Aline Decadi (XO) taking a rover on a new route never traveled before and getting stuck and needing to be rescued. In actuality, the Commander and XO planned this out and discussed with Mission Support the night before, and so the entire situation was meant to improve safety and awareness on the part of the crew on what to do in an emergency.

Overall, we were very happy how the crew rallied and worked together to establish a rescue operation and arrived only 20 minutes after the initial Request for Assistance ping was sent. It was a great experience for all crewmembers and a great way to cap off our successful mission to the MDRS.

Many valuable outcomes and recommendations have been listed as lessons learnt from this Safety drill. They are collected in the EVA report.

Nota EVA-20 initially foreseen in the afternoon has been cancelled in order for the crew to finish their analysis and research before the end of Sim planned at 06:00 PM.

The crew spent the rest of the day finishing their experiments and analysis and start packing for tomorrow’s departure. The crew will have a nice dinner together tonight with Sergii as our VIP.

Look Ahead Plan: This is our last day in Sim. Tomorrow, the crew will leave MDRS.

Anomalies in work: None.

Weather: Pleasant and sunny. Windy in the afternoon.

Crew Physical Status: Nominal.

EVA: EVA-19 North on the main road to the "Gateway to Candor".

Reports to be filed: HSO Report, EVA Report, Operations Report, Journalist Report, Pictures of the day, GreenHab Report.

Support Requested: None.

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