GreenHab Report – May 26th

Crew 281 GreenHab Report 26 May 2023
GreenHab Officer: Megan Kane
Environmental control: NA
Average temperatures: NA
Hours of supplemental light: None
Daily water usage for crops 0 gallons
Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 1 gallon
Water in Blue Tank 152.59 gallons
Time(s) of watering for crops:
Changes to crops: None
As this is the final day of the season the greenhab was opened in the morning. Everything edible was harvested. Then the biomass was placed into trash bags. Once the primary biomass was removed the roots were removed from the planters. Some small roots remained in the large planters and soil. The individual planters had their soil deposited into the red wheelbarrow. The large blue buckets kept the soil that was in them. We documented this process.
After finishing with the plants, the equipment was wiped down and stored. The floor swept and the tables wiped down.
Harvest: (include which crop and mass in grams):
Tomatoes 3668
Lettuce 651
Micro greens 59
Chives 76
sage 42
basil 55
cucumber 1647
Support/supplies needed: None

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