Journalist Report – November 22nd

Sol 10 Journalist Report 22-NOV-2023

Liz Cole


Scott Beibin (crew inventor) and Liz Cole (crew journalist) embarked on a morning EVA, capturing LiDAR scans and drone footage of the exteriors of the MDRS campus and facilities.

After a short break to rehydrate and recharge batteries, preparation started for the afternoon EVA.


Donald Jacques (crew executive officer) and Guillaume Gégo (crew scientist) prepared the MASH for its EVA on Sol 11. The Mobile Analog Space Habitat will serve as the base station for a walking EVA, providing an opportunity for astronauts to rest aboard the MASH after they achieve the mission of the EVA, then return to the habitat. Scott set up to perform a Ptelepathetique concert just before the Martian sunset near the Observatory dome, with Liz recording the concert with the drone camera.

We used the RAM again as the airlock to accommodate Scott’s equipment for his concert, and Don and Guillaume’s preparation for getting the MASH ready for EVA.

Roger Gilbertson (crew commander) poured his third casting for medium complexity metal castings made of bismuth.

The plants continue to sprout in the GreenHab. Our hope is to have a harvest of sprouts by Thanksgiving.

Guillaume took samples, and further readings from the purple bacteria experiment. The Rhodopseudomonas palustris TIE-1 and Rhodospirillum rubrum SH1 are both growing well.

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