Astronomy Report – December 13th



Name: Cesare Guariniello
Crew: 288
Date: 13 Dec 2023

Robotic Telescope Requested (choose one): cloudy weather at MDRS. Will check MLC.
Objects to be Imaged this Evening: cloudy weather, working on imagery from previous night
Images submitted with this report: M31 (Andromeda Galaxy) imaged with MDRS-WF. 40 captures of 30 seconds each in R, G, B, and Lum.
Problems Encountered: None, but M31 captures with the MLC telescope were flat

Solar Features Observed: None
Images submitted with this report: None
Problems Encountered:
Telescope had wrong home location: fixed. Now the home location is the same as the switch location (aligned with the pier, facing North).
Telescope seem to have been abused a little:
The whole section with the prominence tuning knob was loose and “rotating”. Tightened.
Prominence tuning knob was unscrewed almost entirely (one inch of the golden part showing).
Blocking filter/diagonal pushed too far inside, with the silver line invisible. Pulled out and put in proper order.
Eyepiece thumb screws insanely tight. Never happened before. We tried to unscrew one of them with pliers and it snapped before it began unscrewing (photo attached) which, according to the crew engineer, can happen only if it is bound at the collar. This means that someone tried to screw it very hardly, so that it became embedded in the collar. We can try to remove the remaining piece, but it will likely require drilling. The other screw was holding enough that I used the eyepiece and the CCD, but ONLY with the diagonal pointing up, for safety.
On closing the dome, the bottom shutter did not close. We troubleshot with the Program Director, tried various batteries, tested the wires, until attaching a battery directly to the motor. The fuse works, other connections work, the top shutter works. After excluding everything else, we think it is the motor. Since it is raining, we uncoupled the ball screw from the motor, closed the bottom shutter manually and secured it with ropes. We will run more troubleshooting tomorrow.

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