EVA Report – December 13th

EVA # 3
Author: Riley McGlasson 
Purpose of EVA: EVA to obtain radar transects of two flat areas and assess hydration content paired with geologic characterization and sampling.
Start time: 1100
End time: 1530
Narrative: EVA began at 1100 led by Hunter and Riley (out of sim due to broken leg) and joined by Ryan and Jillian. The crew took Perseverance and Curiosity rovers south on Cow Dung Road. Perseverance started with 100% charge and 279.4 hours. Curiosity started with 100% charge and 260.9 hours. The crew drove south until the rovers hit 55% charge just shy of Watney Road, where they unloaded equipment and walked northeast to the river bed at the Watney Road turnoff. There they set up a small training area where Hunter and Riley tested out GPR and sampling protocols with Ryan and Jillian. Then the crew set a larger 3D GPR acquisition grid that covered the riverbed and the abutting bank, as well as collected spectra and samples from areas of geological variability. At ~1315 the team loaded equipment back in the rovers and drove back towards the HAB, stopping at Kissing Camel Ridge on the way back. There, Hunter led the gathering of spectra and samples at 4 geological sites on the north side of the east camel. Follow up 2D GPR transects were collected from the 3 accessible sample sites. The team made it back to the HAB with Perseverance at 37% charge and 279.9 hours and Curiosity at 40% and 261.5 hours. They began the reentry process for the HAB at 1520.
Destination: Aonia Terra, Kissing Camel Ridge
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N520500, E4248500
Participants: Riley McGlasson (Executive Officer), Jilian Welshoff (Health and Safety Officer), Ryan DeAngelis (Green Hab Officer), Hunter Vannier (Crew Geologist)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive on Cow Dung Road and park at intersection with Watney. Then walk northeast ¾ km or less. On return, will stop at Kissing Camel and conduct second set of measurements along the northern base of Kissing Camel Ridge E within ¾ km of road.
Mode of travel: driving and walking (Perseverance and Curiosity)

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