EVA Report – January 11th

Crew 290 EVA Report 11-01-2024

EVA # 05

Author: Madelyn Hoying

Purpose of EVA: Engineering EVA to fix the rearview mirror on Spirit, build up a regolith ramp outside the RAM airlock to remove the drop off for robotic operations, and smectite collection (no more than 2lbs) for an attempt at making ISRU-derived clay items. Would like to test methods of loading/unloading REMI into the bed of the rover, and securing it with bungee cords.

Start time: 0900

End time: 1030

Narrative: All engineering tasks were successfully completed. The Hab’s front airlock door had blown partially open in the wind even after pre-emptively securing it with rope on Sol 3, so the EVA crew exited the RAM airlock and secured the front door. They then proceeded to secure all rover rear-view mirrors, noting that they were particularly loose and that Perseverance has a cracked mirror. Soil collection for RAM ramp began at the site specified by Mission Support but ran into too rocky of an area. Mission Support approved a proposed sandy site to collect from and the ramp was completed. Smectite was collected for ISRU clay, with all collection areas filled in afterwards. Additionally, methods for loading, unloading, and securing REMI in the bed of the rover were successfully demonstrated with two crewmembers and some ratchet straps. Pictures and additional details can be provided, with the crew noting no concerns about the ability to do this in the field.

Destination: within 100m of MDRS

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N518169, E4250939

Participants: Anja Sheppard (Crew Scientist), Anna Tretiakova (Crew Engineer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Exit the RAM airlock and walk to sites of interest within a 100m radius

Mode of travel: Walking

Vehicles to be used (If applicable): None

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