EVA Report – January 3rd

EVA Report #11
Author: Eshaana Aurora
EVA Date: 3rd January 2024
Start time: 1109
End time: 1322
Purpose of EVA:
Investigating the Extent of Gryphaea Fossils in White Rock Canyon
Evaluate the presence or absence of the gryphaea fossils which will provide information about the extent of the Western Interior Seaway Shelf Deposit
The Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) commenced at 1109, led by Adriana (Crew Commander) with Gabe (Health and Safety Officer), Riya (Greenhab Officer) and Eshaana (Crew Geologist) as participants. The crew started with Opportunity and Curiosity at full charges – Opportunity at 100% and 153.4 hours, Curiosity at 100% and 262.7 hours. The crew embarked on their Martian exploration by driving their rovers southward along Cow Dung Road and parking near the entrance of Watney Road intersection after which the crew proceeded on foot.
Upon reaching White Rock Canyon the crew commander scouted around in search of oyster fossils while the other took in the interesting shrub filled landscape. Gabe was the first one to spot the rather extensive oyster swarm about 0.8 km away from the rovers. Adriana remarked that while these samples may have been displaced from further north, as we mainly found them in the topsoil layer of the region, they were impeccably preserved which would allow for more accurate results post processing. The crew then moved further into the Canyon, taking in the beautiful rock facies and arches created by the forces of nature. They also came across some interesting red shrubs and circular, hive textured hollows within the riverbed faces that had been eroded over time.
After a brief break on a satisfyingly textured red powdery mound, the crew headed back collecting even more oyster samples on the way back. In total the crew collected 54 gorgeous oyster samples and headed back to the rovers around 1301, with the utmost satisfaction in their hearts.
This EVA involved meticulous navigation, organization and time tracking to ensure the gryphaea fossil exploration objectives were efficiently and successfully completed during the limited excursion time. The crew reached the Hab with Opportunity at 36% and 153.9 hrs and Curiosity at 25% and 263.2 hrs. Overall, the EVA was executed with a resounding success with exploration, research and safety properly balanced and prioritized and the crew finally entered the airlock completing the EVA at 1322.
Destination: White Rock Canyon
Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): N 530300, E 4247700
Participants: Adriana Brown (Commander), Eshaana Aurora (Crew Geologist), Riya Raj (Greenhab Officer), Gabriel Skowronek (Health and Safety Officer)
Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Drive south on Cow Dung Road 0110 and park a quarter of a mile ahead of the intersection of Cow Dung Road 0110 and Watney Road. Then, walk on foot to White Rock Canyon.
Mode of travel: Driving and Walking (Curiosity and Opportunity)

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