EVA Report – February 19th

Crew 293 EVA Report 19/02/2024

EVA # 1

Author: Mathurin FRANCK

Purpose of EVA: EVA training

Start time: 9:38 am

End time: 10:39 am


Objectif of the EVA : EVA training.

TEAM Alpha : Mathurin, Erin

TEAM Beta : Léo, Léa

TEAM Beta stopped by the potential atmospheric instrument location to check it up and then regrouped with TEAM Alpha. TEAM Alpha went directly to Marble ritual to collect samples

9:38 Depressurization start

9:44 Airlock exited, first step on Mars

9:48 Crew leaving the Hab and leaves with the rovers

9:52 TEAM BETA arrived close to the potential atmospheric instrument location (between the hab and Marble ritual), walking

9:53 TEAM ALPHA arrived at Marble Ritual

9:54 TEAM BETA arrived at atmospheric instrument location

9:57 TEAM ALPHA looking for different sample location

10:00 TEAM ALPHA First sample collected

10:02 TEAM BETA Deciding where to place atmospheric instruments

10:04 TEAM BETA taking rover to regroup with Team Alpha. TEAM ALPHA collected 2nd sample

10:09 Team regrouped, curiosity parked

10:14 selecting 4th sample

10:19 Bringing sample to rovers

10:22 Training (writing, communicating)

10:27 Heading back to rovers

10:30 Both rovers on their way back

10:33 Rovers back at the Hab

10:36 Crew in airlock depress started

Destination: Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518750,4251000

Participants: Mathurin, Erin, Leo, Léa

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110

Mode of travel: Rover and walking

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