GreenHab Report – February 19th

Crew 293 GreenHab Report 19/02/2024

GreenHab Officer: Mathurin FRANCK

Environmental control: (heater, fan, door open?): Door was opened to maintain a consistent temperature to work in the afternoon. Temperature was maintained over 75F during the entire time.

Average temperatures: afternoon around 80F

Hours of supplemental light: 22:00 – 02:00

Daily water usage for crops: 6 Gallon

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: None

Water in Blue Tank (200 gallon capacity): _____ gallons

Water level was 114.6 gallons on 02-16-2024 according to last crew 292’s report. Am I supposed to deduce the water level from that? If so, can you communicate the water used on 02-17-2024?

Time(s) of watering for crops: 1pm, 5pm

Changes to crops: None


I used the spray both time I watered the crops

I drew a complete map of the greenhead to identify the different crops and changes needed for the next few weeks.

Harvest: None (include which crop and mass in grams)

Support/supplies needed:

I have spotted one or two grasshoppers. Do you consider it an issue or can I let them enjoy the greenHab?

Mathurin FRANCK Crew Botanist

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