EVA Report – February 28th

Crew 293 EVA Report 28Feb2024

EVA #007

Author: Lise Lefauconnier (Habcom)

Purpose of EVA: Changing the batteries of the atmospheric instruments, searching for checkpoints at NorthRidge with a 3D map generated by photogrammetry. Taking pictures with a drone controlled by a Crew member in the Science Dome for our “Proximars” experiment.

Start time: 8:59

End time: 12:52

Narrative: The EVA team first retrieved data from the atmospheric instruments and changed the batteries. They discovered problems on the atmospheric instruments that they will try to solve in the following EVA. Then they went to North Ridge where the team had to try and find checkpoints with a 3D map generated by photogrammetry, thanks to the previous EVA. The EVA team also set down a drone in front of the Science Dome, it was piloted during the first 30 min of the EVA by a Crew member inside the Science Dome.

8:59 Depressurization starts.

9:04 Depressurization over

9:06 Drone set down.

9:07 Drone taking off

9:09 Rovers loaded

Spirit hours : 246.1H

Spirit battery: 82%

Perseverance: 73% battery, too low, changed (Next time, we will either not take Perseverance or check battery before loading the rovers)

Curiosity hours: 269.2H

Curiosity battery: 100%

9:15 Rovers leave campus.

9:18 Arrived on atmospheric instruments site.

9:25 Drone update: Pictures for Proximars ok – Now taking pictures of EVA Crew

9:30 Data retrieved from all instruments.

9:33 Leaving atmospheric instruments site.

9:33 Drone has landed

9:37 Rovers leaving site, heading to North Ridge

9:42 Arrived at North Ridge

9:45 Leaving rovers, starting to search for checkpoints.

9:58 Exploring North ridge, searching for checkpoints.

Check up every 15min, everything went right

12:31 Walking back to rover – problem with Erin’s radio: weird sounds and red light instead of green

12:34 Yves’s radio switched to channel 1 in case Erin’s one dies

12:35 Rovers leaving site

12:44 Rovers parked

Curiosity battery 49%

Spirit battery 36%

Rovers plugged

12:47 Entering airlock, Erin’s radio dies

12:52 Pressurization over, entering HAB

Destination: Atmospheric site: between the Hab and Marble Ritual and then East flank of North Ridge

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): Atmospheric Site: 518500,4251000 ; North Ridge: 518750,4251750

Participants: Erin Pougheon (EVA leader), Yves Bejach, Léa Bourgély

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel: Curiosity Rover and Opportunity Rover and walking

Additional notes: Perseverance’s battery was again low so we decided not to take it. Spirit was not at 100% either. Erin’s radio (number 2) died at the end of the EVA (in the airlock). We will check it to see if there is a problem with the radio or if it was just a charging mistake on our side. The team came back at 12:45 and it was sunny outside, so we decided to plug the rovers.

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