EVA Report – February 29th

Crew 293 EVA Report 29-02-2024

EVA #008

Author: Léa Bourgély (EVA Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Fixing Atmospheric Instruments

Start time: 8:55

End time: 10:30

Narrative: The EVA objectives were to fix some issues with the atmospheric instruments, and retrieve data from them.

8:55 Depressurization starts

9:00 End of depressurization

Curiosity hours 269.5H

Curiosity battery 100%

Perseverance hours 284.6H

Perseverance battery 78%

9:04 Leaving site

9:09 Arrived at atmospheric instruments site

9:20 Loac and Field Mill data retrieved

9:23 Data being retrieved from MegaAres

9:30 First fix : Settings of voltage on relaying device

9:34 Instruments turning on

9:37 All data good

9:50 Instruments turned off

9:51 relaying device at 12.5V with instruments off

9:55 Turning on MegaAres, boitier relais at 12,8V, Field Mill and LOAC.

10:09 All instruments on and working

10:09 Drone videos taken

10:15 Leaving site

10:18 81% curiosity, perseverance 56%

10:20 Pressurization starts

10:26 Pressurization over

Destination: Location between the Hab and Marble Ritual

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518500, 4251000

Participants : Léa Bourgély, Leo Tokaryev, Mathurin Franck

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel : Curiosity Rover and Perseverance Rover, and walk

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