EVA Report – March 2nd

Crew 293 EVA Report 02Mar2024

EVA #010

Author: Erin Pougheon (Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Changing batteries of the atmospheric instruments and protecting them from the wind

Start time: 7:58

End time: 09:23

Narrative: The goal for this EVA was to change batteries of the atmospheric instruments near Marble Ritual. We had difficulties retrieving some data from the instruments but in the end, we succeeded. We turned off LOAC to bring it back to the station due to the weather. We turned off and protected the field mill with protective foams. The wind started to blow hard when we decided to go back to the station because our goals were achieved.

07:53 Beginning pressurization

07:58 End pressurization

Perseverance: 284.7h, 75%

Curiosity: 269.6h, 100%

08:00 Rovers loaded

08:03 Leaving campus

08:05 Arriving on site

08:07 Beginning data retrieval

08:11 LOAC data and LOAC itself retrieved

08:15 Issues with Mega Ares not recognizing USB

08:21 Turning Mega Ares ON/OFF: no result

08:30 Retrieving Windmill data

08:36 Windmill data dumped, safely turned off

08:40 Protecting the instruments

08:43 Changing the batteries

08:44 Mega Ares working again

08:45 Retrieving data, second try

08:46 Data dump is working

08:47 Protecting the instrument

09:01 Mega Ares data successfully downloaded and measuring again

09:12 Rovers loaded

09:14 Leaving site

09:17 Back on campus

Perseverance: 55%

Curiosity: 76%

09:18 Pressurization starting

09:23 Everyone is back safely. End of EVA

Destination: Between Marble ritual and the HAB

Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): 518500,4251000

Participants: Erin Pougheon (EVA leader), Marie Delaroche, Lise Lefauconnier

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, North direction

Modes of travel: Curiosity Rover and Perseverance Rover and walking

Additional notes: None

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