Astronomy Report – March 13th

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Astronomy Report

Name: Bourgély Léa
Crew: 293

Date: 13March2024

Sky Conditions: 60% of cloud cover
Wind Conditions: 20 km/h
Observation Start Time: 8:30 am
Observation End Time: 12:30 pm
Tracking of sunspots
Looking for solar prominence/solar flares
Observations were conducted every hour
Objects Viewed:

Telescope used :

Musk observatory
Picture attached to this e-mail :

1_ 11:13 Sunspots with a little bit of "granularity" of the sun and a prominence
2_ 11:22 Prominence formation

3_ 11:23 Prominence development
4_ 11:25 Prominence disappearing
Problems Encountered:

Lower shutter of the dome is still not functional
It seems that the astronomer laptop is not charging anymore. Any info about that ? It works while plugged but stays stuck at 8%

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