EVA Report – March 13th

Crew 293 EVA Report 13/03/2024

EVA # 17

Author: Mathurin FRANCK

Purpose of EVA: Emergency EVA

Start time: 4:35 am

End time: 5:50 pm


→ 4:08pm depressurization alarm, Yves radioed every module and alerted all Crew members of the depressurization. Pressure sensor checked in the Science Dome, depressurization warning confirmed by the interface.

→ All crew members accounted for and returned to the Hab, wearing oxygen masks (NB: FFP2 masks)

→ Commander took control of the operation and designated herself as HabCom. She also designated:

1 crewmember (Int1 : Léa ) tasked with helping with repairs from the inside of the tunnel
2 EVA crew members (Ex1 : Mathurin and Ex2 : Erin). Ex1 is EVA Leader.
First, two new picket fences were put in place. There was no metal wire in the RAM, we used zip ties to fix the picket fences to the cage. Then we removed the handbrake of the robotic rover to loosen the rope. We put the handbrake back and untied the rope. We then put back the tarp and secured it with zip ties.

Note that the zip ties we had are not very big, so we had to put a lot of them to be extra secure.

Objectif of the EVA: Fix Science Dome tunnel

Destination: Science Domes tunnel

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 518000, 4251000

Participants: Mathurin, Erin, Léa

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: None

Mode of travel: Walking

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