EVA Report – March 13th

Crew 293 EVA Report 13Mar2024

EVA #016

Author: Erin Pougheon (Leader)

Purpose of EVA: Changing batteries of atmospheric instruments and retrieving data, go to Kissing Camel Ridge to search checkpoints with a 3D map, generated with photogrammetry. Pictures will be taken from a drone, put outside by the EVA team

Start time: 8:50

End time: 12:30

Narrative: The EVA started well with the change of batteries at the atmospheric instruments. Meanwhile, a drone pilot took drone pictures of the EVA team and of the station during the first 30 minutes of the EVA, from inside. The EVA team then went to Kissing Camel Ridge and started to search for the checkpoints. One hour into the EVA, one crewmember had a problem with their suit (Suit 5), it turned off. The problem was not identified during the EVA, it seemed to be a circuit issue, not a battery one. The EVA team chose to go on with the EVA with the suit on, but without the helmet, for said crewmember. The EVA team chose to put safety and science first and go on with the photogrammetry experiment, because either way, the helmet had to be taken off to come back to campus, thus simulation was already broken. The EVA team continued to search for checkpoints and came back alright to campus.

Once the EVA Crew was back at the Hab, the Crew Engineer could figure out what the problem was. See Operations report for details.

8:50: Start depressurization

8:55: Exiting airlock

8:58: Drone taking off


167.5H, 100% charge


271.5H, 100% charge

9:00: Rovers leaving campus

9:03: EVA Crew arrives at atmospheric instruments site

9:10: Retrieving data from Field mill, data from MegaAres and LOAC secured.

9:17: Leaving atmospheric instruments site, taking pictures with drone at the intersection near the Hab

9:26: Switching to channel 1, heading to Kissing Camel Ridge

9:33: Rovers parked near Kissing Camel Ridge, site exploration begins

9:48: Looking for checkpoints, everything ok

9:59: 4 checkpoints reached; Problem with Leo’s suit; Sim broken to fix the issue

10:03: Suit not operational; decision to continue the EVA, one crewmember not in sim (wearing EVA suit without the helmet).

10:14: 7 checkpoints reached out of 12

10:33: Still looking for checkpoints

10:54: 8 checkpoints reached

11:05: 10 checkpoints reached

11:25: Everything OK

11:45: 1 checkpoint left

12:10: Still exploring

12:22: Back at Rovers, leaving Kissing Camel

12:30: Back at Hab

Opportunity: 50%

Curiosity: 47%

Destination: Kissing Camel Ridge
Coordinates (use UTM WSG 84): 518000,4249500

Participants: Erin Pougheon (leader), Leo Tokaryev, Yves Bejach

Road(s) and routes per MDRS map: rover on Cow Dung Road, South direction

Additional notes: See Operations report for information on the suit.

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