Operations Report – March 13th

Crew 293 Operations Report 13-03-2024

SOL: 24

Name of person filing report: Leo Tokaryev

Non-nominal systems: Suit 5, but it’s fixed now.

Notes on non-nominal systems: During the EVA, the suit suddenly stopped working. We tried firstly not to break the sim, and open the suit to see if the battery was correctly connected, it was. Then, it was clear that repairs needed more time, so we were forced to take the suit out and inspect it. We couldn’t identify the problem because I wasn’t used to this kind of problem. See HSO report for the decision we took.

After the EVA, I had more time to look into it and test it, the problem was in the red cable, which didn’t seem to work properly. I replaced the orange connector (a small one, with 2 teeth) that was in the red cable, and the suit worked fine. The problem was not the battery.


Spirit rover used:no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging:

Opportunity rover used:yes

Hours: 167.5

Beginning charge:100

Ending charge:50

Currently charging:yes

Curiosity rover used: yes

Hours: 271.5

Beginning charge:100

Ending charge:47

Currently charging:yes

Perseverance rover used: no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging:

General notes on rovers:

Summary of Hab operations: put notes here

WATER USE: 14.07 gallons

Water (static tank): 137.6 gallons

Static tank pipe heater (on or off):On

Static tank heater (On or off)On

Toilet tank emptied: yes

Summary of internet: none

Summary of suits and radios:

Summary of GreenHab operations: put notes here

WATER USE: 8 gallons

Heater: On

Supplemental light: 22h-2h automatic

Harvest: none

Summary of ScienceDome operations: none

Dual split: Heat or AC, On

Summary of RAM operations: none

Summary of any observatory issues: none

Summary of health and safety issues: none

Questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support:

During the emergency EVA, we didn’t find a metal wire, we have looked for it previously, but didn’t find it either. Thus, it could be a good idea to have in the RAM for different repairs.

Also, there’s lots of zip ties in the RAM, but they’re all too thin, I saw one or two zip ties that broke on the tarp leading to the science dome, and I couldn’t replace it because I didn’t have the same, thick zip ties that were used previously.

Also, regarding the suit problem, it could be useful to tell the future crews about it, since it is a problem that could be easily solved during an EVA, without breaking sim. I was lucky to have the needed part taped inside the suit, but I believe it is not the case for all the suits( I didn’t have time to look into every suit, but suit 8 for example didn’t have this replacement part taped). I could only thank the person that taped it inside the suit and suggest buying some replacement parts (I don’t know if there’s already some replacement parts of this type in the HAB), and tape them in every suit.

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