Journalist Report – April 11th

Crew 296 Journalist – Alba Sánchez Montalvo

SOL 11 started with an EVA for the biomedical team performing Romain’s experiment manipulating the drone. Everything went well until the drone unexpectedly started to convulse in the middle of one of the maneuvers, but our team reacted fast and could save its life. Back at the station, we spent some time together, and again, we tried to convince Louis to allow us to have a fast body-shower since the simulation is almost done and our water consumption is sustainable. After lunch, the biomedical team concluded their sampling plan at the station, collecting the last blood and saliva and performing the last inflammatory cell count in blood. In the afternoon, there was a second EVA for Louis’ experiment and a little bit of exploration, in which the crew members loved the breathtaking views. The team is really happy about our simulation, we are not ready to leave Mars.

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