Journalist Report – April 2nd

By Alba Sánchez Montalvo
The day started with a slow morning today. The team decided not to do any EVAs during this morning to rest and recover from the sleepless and frenetic days they had before arriving at the MDRS. Maxime made pancakes for breakfast and after that, some people worked on their experiments, played card games or had some time to do sports. After lunch, Louis, Loriane, Maxime and Hippolyte went on an EVA to set up Maxime’s weather station and to start mapping our surroundings for Louis’ experiment. They had some problems setting up their experiments, but after some troubleshooting, they managed to reach their goals for today. Arnaud, Romain, Imane and Alba stayed at the station and worked on their experiments and also found some time to relax. When the crew members came back from their EVA, we sat together to work on the reports about daily life and operations at the station. Hippolyte collected a few little tomatoes from the GreenHab which tastes really well! Tonight, the plan is to have some time for team building after dinner as part of Loriane’s experiment and to enjoy our free time.

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