Crew 297 HSO Beginning Of Mission Checklist 14Apr2024

[title HSO Beginning Of Mission Checklist- April 14th]


Submitted by: Pawel Sawicki

Crew: 297

Date: 14/04/2024

Part 1: Using the attached Safety Equipment Inventory, locate, test and confirm operation of all safety equipment. List any equipment not found and/or missing: none

Part 2: Locate and confirm the emergency escape routes in the Hab are functional and clear:

1. Stairs: ✅

2. Emergency window: ✅

3. Commander’s window: ✅

Part Three:

Inventory First Aid kit and note what needs to be refilled:

Lower HAB:
First Aid Kit:
Instead of Qty. 10 Antiseptic Towelettes, found Qty. 3 Antiseptic Towelettes and Qty 4. Alcohol Wipes. Qty. 3 Alcohol Wipes expired 03/2023
Only Qty. 7 Antiseptics present
Only Qty. 8 Burn Treatment present. Expires 04/2024
Mirror: none
EVA outdoor First Aid Kit: none
(Qty. 16) alcohol prep pads have expired on 08/2017
Note any safety issues: none (lower-stocked items pose no-factor to safe operations as they are present in other locations. Also no-factor to safety from expired items).

Note any health/environmental issues: none

Note any missing or recommended health and safety supplies: Recommend antihistamine and hydrocortisone, as Martian environment may present novel allergens for crew mates. Also recommend acetaminophen.

Safety Equipment Inventory 2023-2024

HAB Upper deck HAB Lower deck RAM GreenHab ScienceDome Rovers
CO monitor ✅(BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed)
Escape ladder
Fire blanket
Fire extinguisher ✅ (Type 3 & 4)

Exp: 5Jan2025

✅ (Type 3 & 4)

Exp: 5Jan2025

✅ (Type 3 & 4)

Exp: 13Feb2025

✅(Type 3 & 4)

Exp: 13Feb2025

✅(Type 3 & 4)

Exp: 13Feb2025

First Aid
Propane alarm ✅(power-cycle successful) ✅ (power-cycle successful)
Radios (Channels 10 and 22)
Smoke alarm ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed) ✅ (BIT passed)
Tow rope ✅(Moved rope from RAM to Rover)

Wishing you all great health back on Earth,

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