EVA Report – April 19th

Crew 297 EVA Report 19-04-2024

EVA #6

Author: Matthew Lynch (Engineer)

Purpose of EVA: Perform the second searching EVA for the nuclear power project. Mission support will have provided a simulated landing site for the NPS. The Crew Commander (not on requested EVA) will give an approximate landing site, which will be within 1000 feet from the real location. This EVA will utilize known searching methods to find the NPS. Once found, it will be collected and a new simulated landing site will be selected and recorded for the next EVA crew to recover.

Start time: 9:04 am

End time: 11:22 pm

Narrative: Having a slightly late start we suited up, left the airlock, and entered the rovers without any issue. At 9:31 Curiosity’s charge was at 56% and we were still approximately ~1km from the edge of our search area by road. After parking the rovers, we proceeded on foot until we reached the edge of our search area at 9:47. Once there we spread out and moved towards the center of the region. At 9:55 Matt S. noticed a small hill he could see the local area from and once he climbed it he spotted the NPS near the edge of our search area. We collected the NPS and returned the rovers to return to the hab. On our return we stopped and deposited the NPS for the following EVA (that day) to search for in an area. We then returned to the hab and entered the airlock at 11:17 AM.

Destination: NPS expected landing area #3

Coordinates (use UTM WGS 84): 517696N 4254089E (Expected NPS landing location)

Participants: Matthew Lynch (Engineer), Matthew Storch (XO), Sean Marquez (Greenhab Officer)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road 0110

Mode of travel: Driving 2 rovers (Curiosity & Opportunity) and walking.

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