EVA Report – April 17th

Crew 297 EVA 4 Report 17-4-2024

EVA #4

Author: Sarah Lamm

Purpose of EVA: To locate the NPS from yesterday and to observe a geological formation that from orbit is redder than the surrounding location

Start Time: 9:36 AM

End Time: 1:00 PM

Narrative: We arrived at the first stop to locate the NPS device for Matt L’s research project. It was found quickly. From there we moved to the south and stopped at the location yesterday to test how easy it would be to dig in the regolith and to get initial Gamma-Ray Spectrometer readings of the regolith. We continued south to the region that looked redder from orbit, to take more observations of the regolith and the rocks. Lastly, we headed north toward the Hab and stopped at Robert’s Rock Garden to observe those rocks in comparison to those we had already seen.

Destination: Find the NPS, location to dig and gamma ray on regolith, redder area regolith & rocks, Robert’s Rock Garden (Stop #4)

Coordinates: 12S 518166N, 425092E (Stop #1); 12S 518065 4250003 (Stop #2); 12S 518819 4248714 (Stop #3); 12S 518278 4249467 (Stop #4)

Participants: Pawel Sawicki (Commander), Dave Laude (Journalist), Sarah Lamm (Geologist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Spirit, Opportunity; Walking

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