GreenHab Report – April 20th

Crew 297 GreenHab Report 20-04-2024

GreenHab Officer: Sean Marquez

Environmental control:
– Heater on (set to 55F)
– Fan on (set to 92F; not accounting for power outages)

Average temperatures: 84F

Hours of supplemental light: N/A

Daily water usage for crops: 4 gal

Daily water usage for research and/or other purposes: 0 gal

Water in Blue Tank: 183 gal

Time(s) of watering for crops: 14:05

Changes to crops: N/A

Narrative: Fan power went out again some time in the afternoon. Based on tests from the prior night, the fan power outages seem to be linked to the HomeAssistant network, which becomes unavailable during power outages. Between HabCom duties, lunch, and dinner preparations, I was unavailable to open the GreenHab door until around 14:04 (at which point the GreenHab atmospheric temperature had reached ~110F), then closed at around 19:25 when the GreenHab atmosphere temperature had dropped to ~80F. Brown/wilting leaves from the radishes were composted.

– 13g of cherry tomato
– 66g of red cabbage
– 147g of radishes
– 177g of kale
– 23g of green onion

Support/supplies needed: Would it be possible to run HomeAssistant on our other local network that is currently configured and powered via the UPS, so as to circumvent vulnerability to power outages? This change is minor and temporary and will be undone before the end of our mission.

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