Astronomy Report – May 15th

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Name: Avery Abramson

Crew: 299

Date: 5/15/24

Robotic Observatory

Robotic Telescope Requested: MLC-RCOS16

Objects to be Imaged: BD-07 3632

Problems Encountered: None

Notes: Attached are the new raw images and their bias and dark. I previously resubmitted the observation request again, but this did not yield reliable results. Instead, we used the previous request’s data for testing. Please also see our processing progress. So far, only the bias has been applied, and we are currently trying to apply the dark. Finally, redoing the test runs cost 243 credits. We would like to politely request reimbursement of these credits. If they cannot be reimbursed, please advise on how we can receive more.

Musk Observatory

Solar Features Observed: Prominences

Problems Encountered: My laptop is not designed to handle the programs used for image processing. Breaks are needed for my laptop to cool down as it has weak fans. Masking on Photoshop is difficult as the outline generated by the Paintbrush tool makes a random rectangle appear. Consequently, we had to manually mask our practice image. Use of the observatory has been limited to suitable weather.

Notes: We practiced processing an image taken from the first sol, which is attached. This was at the end of the solar storm. We would like to politely request feedback on it for reprocessing later. Additionally, we will likely process future images all at once, so they will likely be uploaded in the same manner. Please advise if this is not preferred.

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