Sol Summary – May 19th

Crew 299 Sol Summary 05-19-2024
Sol: 7
Summary Title: A Visitor Arrives on Mars
Author’s Name: Prakruti "Pari" Raghunarayan
Mission Status: Active
Sol Activity Summary:

Today, I got the group assembled to go over today’s plan and we cleaned up the place. We also got our group headshots taken. Then, when Spencer arrived I took him around the area. We started by going to the RAM and he interviewed Rishabh and got to know his project. Then I took him to the science dome and got the three science bros (Me, Noah, and Aravind) to do some demonstrations. I showed him around the greehab and then the observatory. I stayed there and then took him back for lunch. I helped Spencer do some suit adjustments for his own EVA. Then, I was interviewed. We then prepped him for his EVA after lunch and I stayed on comms. The day is now winding down.

I woke up today and started to make the Hab neat and tidy for the journalist, doing my normal chores but a bit extra to make it presentable. The journalist came and we helped him document the first EVA we had today. I helped prepare lunch and then had to go to the science dome to explain my research to the journalist. I want back to the Hab; had lunch; talked to the journalist about a lot of interesting information about Utah. I got suited up for the next EVA and walked up the Hab Ridge with the journalist. Then I had my interview where I explained why I was part of this mission in the first place and what my goals for the future were.

For Sol 7, I prepared for the news to arrive by cleaning up the Hab with everyone. Then, I went on an EVA to collect more samples from Camel Ridge and Marble Ritual. Following this, I prepared the Musk Observatory for filming with Kristina. Lunch was served afterward (Mars Marinara) and one final EVA was done, where I monitored the weather for high wind. We are waiting on additional images to process from the Robotic Observatory, as well as instructions on how to troubleshoot issues at the Musk Observatory.

Today, I participated in the journalism event coordinated by our commander and XO. I controlled comms for the first EVA, where the reporter was able to film a driving excursion. Later in the science dome, I explained the radish project to the camera and assisted the other crew scientists in demonstrating exfoliation of geologic samples. After lunch, I participated in another EVA where the journalist was suited up alongside us and we climbed the hills directly behind the hab. This evening, I checked on the radishes’ condition and watered/trimmed where necessary. They are improving, though I still see no sign of additional bulb growth

Today I went on an EVA to camel ridge in order to get more drone footage and collect rock samples. I also displayed my work for the reporters alongside a tour of the lower deck and RAM.

Today, I woke up and cleaned the hab before the news showed up. Then, I prepped for EVA 1 and made lunch. Then I went to Musk Observatory, where the telescope was malfunctioning, and tried to fix it. After I was interviewed and showed off the astronomy research, we went to lunch. EVA two was scheduled after lunch, and we climbed the hills behind MDRS.

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