EVA Report – May 19th

Crew 299 EVA 9 Report 5-19-2024

EVA #9

Author: Aravind Karthigeyan

Purpose of EVA: EVA slightly up the Hab Ridge to show the Fox 13 News journalist how walking in the EVA suit is like.

Start Time: 3:49 PM

End Time: 4:24 PM

Narrative: The EVA team took the Fox 13 News journalist to the hab ridge to show firsthand how walking in the EVA suit is like and how we collected samples and measured radiation data. We faced relatively heavy winds and though we did stumble a bit on the climb up, that did not stop us. We saw a beautiful view of the hab from part way up the ridge and the journalist recorded

Destination: MDRS


518750, 4253000 (MDRS)

EVA Participants: Noah (Biologist), Kristina (HSO), Aravind (Chemist)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: N/A

Mode of travel: Walking

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